Running Palo Alto emulator on EVE (UNL, Virtualbox, MAC OS)

I tried to run Palo Alto on EVE (EVE suggests its user use VMware, I have to use VirtualBox because I don’t have a VMware license).

Then I found I can’t start the Palo Alto Firewall and trying to find the root cause.

1st, I go through EVE logs 1st. System -> System logs -> unl_wrapper.txt


Jan 25 05:18:13 INFO: starting /opt/unetlab/wrappers/qemu_wrapper -T 0 -D 3 -t "PaloAlto" -F /opt/qemu/bin/qemu-system-x86_64 -d 0 -- -nographic -device e1000,netdev=net0,mac=50:00:00:03:00:00 -netdev tap,id=net0,ifname=vunl0_3_0,script=no -device e1000,netdev=net1,mac=50:00:00:03:00:01 -netdev tap,id=net1,ifname=vunl0_3_1,script=no -device e1000,netdev=net2,mac=50:00:00:03:00:02 -netdev tap,id=net2,ifname=vunl0_3_2,script=no -device e1000,netdev=net3,mac=50:00:00:03:00:03 -netdev tap,id=net3,ifname=vunl0_3_3,script=no -smp 2 -m 4096 -name PaloAlto -uuid 934e653f-accd-4ce0-a243-369f853b4add -drive file=virtioa.qcow2,if=virtio,bus=0,unit=0,cache=none -machine type=pc-1.0,accel=kvm -nographic -rtc base=utc > /opt/unetlab/tmp/0/a0fab94b-9b39-4226-884b-894ff4942d65/3/wrapper.txt 2>&1 &
Jan 25 05:18:13 INFO: CWD is /opt/unetlab/tmp/0/a0fab94b-9b39-4226-884b-894ff4942d65/3
Jan 25 05:18:13 ERROR: QEMU Arch is not set (80015).

  1. Start Palo Alto manually

From the log, you can find the qemu command, so I copied it and run it from the console and got the error

Could not access KVM kernel module

I followed the link about KVM kernel module and find the CPU doesn’t support KVM.

also found VirtualBox Ticket #4032.

  1. make it work

depends on #2, edit Palo Alto VM and remove ‘,accel=kvm’ option:


it works.


Running NX-OSv 9000 on eve (UNL)

Refer to how to add NX-OXv 9000 to GNS3

  1. Download necessary components
    • The NX-OSv9k image file from Cisco (nxosv-final.7.0.3.I5.1.qcow2). Please note that you must have a service contract with Cisco in order to download it. No, I can’t provide the image for you.
  2. Copy image to eve
    • change file name to ‘hda.qcow2’
    • copy source file to ‘/opt/unetlab/addons/qemu/nxosv9k-7.0.3.I5.1’
    • run ‘/opt/unetlab/wrappers/unl_wrapper -a fixpermissions’
  3. Add a New node of Cisco NX-OSv 9k
    • Console : ‘telnet’
  4. Start the node
    • This step needs your patient because the terminal will be shown as a blank screen for a while (about 15 – 20 seconds). The boot process takes about minutes.
    • It prompts you: Abort Auto Provisioning and continue with normal setup ?(yes/no)[n]: y
  5. Done
    • nx9kboot

The advantage of eve is it already improved Qemu with UEFI for Cisco Nexus9Kv.

More info:

Difference of SNMP get route entry[forward-MIB] between Cisco and Juniper

Cisco设备,通过snmp walk (route table)节点获取设备路由

Juniper设备,通过snmp walk节点获取路由
后遇到Cisco 7609 (12.0 IOS),及Cisco IOS 15.2版本的3560通过1.获取路由时失败,SNMP walk获取成功,但是通过Juniper方式使用1. + network address (as index) 的SNMP Get单条时获取失败;反复尝试后发现 Cisco  SNMP get route entry 需要使用 + network address + net mask 时设备都有值返回。