Fix Dynagen/dynamips error : netio_desc_create_udp: unable to connect to

OS CentOS 6.5 x86_64 installed on vmware
         Dynamips 0.2.10
There is an error when loading a .net file with 100 devices named by Dynagen.0.11.0:
netio_desc_create_udp: unable to connect to
I searched on Internet about this error msg, most of posts shared a method: specified udp port of dynamips instance in .net file. But it doesn’t works for me.

As I found a Dynagen description in GNS3 website:
however Dynagen is still updated and developed for GNS3, this means you can download GNS3 sources, find Dynagen and start it. 
I downloaded GNS3 source code and found Dynagen in package for it should be the latest version.
The Dynagen version in GNS3 is 0.13.1, newer than official : 0.11.0 ; and can be loaded successfully by it:
chmod +x

The error : netio_desc_create_udp: unable to connect to has been fixed.